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Beginner's Guide to 4C Ag Service LLC

Updated: Jan 5, 2018

I will attempt to share basic farm "how to" skills and incorporate a little of my warped sense of humor , but first, I must tell you who I am and what I am about. As 2018 rolls in, I would like to share our "Beginner's Guide" to 4C Ag Service. I am certain you want to know who we are and what we stand for.

I am not a writer by any stretch, so be the first person to find errors and I'll have a prize waiting. My loving husband and business partner was the first to win a prize!

Please be forgiving and show me the kind of love I show my farm animals.

With that being said, I'll give it a go."Anything I ever learned, I learned in a Texas cotton patch and that lifestyle is in my blood". #farmgirl#farmlife#farmbuilderenterpreneur

Fast forward to graduating from Tarleton State University in 1983, I was then hired as a dairy herdswoman. While working on the dairy, I met the love of my life, who was a Navy Recruiter at the time. Three duty stations and two kids later, the four of us wound up in Oklahoma, where I teach in the public school system. Oklahoma-public school-"nuff said".

The 4C Ag service was created after several years of raising meat animals and growing produce for our own subsistance. Here is where I find peace of mind, time to reminisce, and conjure up new adventures. "Find a job you love to do and you will never have to work a day in your life". That is my plan and I am sticking to it. Follow my blog and visit our website: so I can share what I love and learn with you.

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