Which piece of the puzzle are you?

Everyone is unique! My pastor said today,” God didn’t make us with cookie cutters”. Well, thank goodness he didn’t, most folks would think I was “half baked”. (ha-ha) I think God made us more like “puzzle pieces and we all fit together to make a beautiful picture”. Which part of the puzzle are you, one that is out on the edge, or in the corner? My puzzle piece is the one that blends other colors and shapes together. I am here to help you have a more self-sufficient lifestyle. I believe everyone should know how to raise, grow, and preserve their own food. This may not be something you are as passion about as I am, but… “A good Girl Scout is always prepared”. (Girl Scout/Cookies, no pun intended). I am blessed to have had the best teachers, my parents and grandparents. They taught me how to grow, process, preserve and bless others along the way. I am glad God gave me a servant’s heart.

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Together we all make a “beautiful Picture

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