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How To Buy 4C Fresh Meat

We realize that you may have questions about how the meat you buy is raised. We are going to answer some of those questions here. If you have other questions, drop us an email and we'll answer them for you.

Our meat is grown hormone free on our farm pastures.

Oklahoma summers can be hot and terribly uncomfortable, especially if you are a “fat pig” or a “chicken”, pun intended. For this reason, we have chosen to offer our farm fresh pork and poultry in the spring and the fall, typically at the end of October and March. Our beef is available year-round.

We offer pork and beef by the cut/pound and whole chicken in our 4C Farm Store for your convenience, however our freezer space is limited and meat sells quickly, so we would encourage you to consider purchasing your meat in bulk. You may reserve a whole, half or quarter of beef or pork and a number of whole chickens, by contacting us with your wish list. We would be happy to go over the details with you, including weight, cuts, price, processing fees, and availability dates.

We do require a $300 deposit to reserve a quarter, half or whole beef and $150 for pigs. Deposit for poultry is $5.00 a bird. The deposit will be deducted from your total cost. When paying your deposit, you are locking in your price. The fall deposit is due September 1 and the spring deposit is due February 1.

When buying meat by the cut/pound, prices will be based on the current market and are subject to change.

Having beef on hand in your freezer saves time for your family. My mother made the best roasts around, She would thaw one from the freezer and have it cooking before I left for school and she went to the field to help daddy on the farm.

Those were to good ole days.

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