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Never in a Million Years(part two)

Now that my feathered friend phobia is far behind me, I thought I should share some behind the scenes poultry raising practices.

These protein providers have been a great addition to the farm. In some of my next farm blog entries I will talk more about the eggs and meat side and share some favorite recipes.


Two of the types of poultry and egg production used on the farm are Free Range and Pastured Poultry.

Free Range means the poultry go and forage where they darn well please. They turn the soil and fertilize as they go. Sometimes they choose to lay eggs in the darnedest places,(my poor herbs).

Poultry pastured in Chicken Tractors are in a

predator protective environment and moved to fresh ground daily. Each day they forage, till and fertilize a new area helping the

pasture grass to grow.

Yes, we do provide supplemental food to balance out their foraging food finds.


After careful consideration a Livestock Guard Dog (LGD) was chosen for the farm to add another layer of protection. The LGD will live with the poultry and guard the flock. Meet Peach our pup LGD in training.


This basic behind the scenes information on raising my feathered friends phobia free is just part of a beginning. Follow along for more for more stories, tips, farm facts, and recipes at .

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